Class 1

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Spring Term 2020
Place Value within 50
Addition and Subtraction within 20
Measurement - Length and height
                      - Weight and volume
Non-fiction texts - Writing facts about Polar animals.
Instruction writing of how to plant a seed.
Traditional Tales.
Retelling the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'
Religious Education
Revelation - Recognise some parables in the Bible.
Lent/Holy Week - How do we prepare for Easter?
Weather - Understand the impact the weather has on our lives.
Materials - Looking at liquids and solids.
Growing Plants - Introduces children to the idea of plants as living things which grow and change.
Logging on and off of Mathletics.
Use a green screen to record facts on polar animals.
Create an animation of how a seed germinates.
Weather paintings - The children will investigate how different artists have portrayed weather in their artwork. We will look at Turner and Pollock. 
Google Classroom.
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Here are a list of useful websites for Key Stage 1. Your child should have their own logins, if you do not know it then please come and see the Class teacher.
Espresso is an excellent website and the school has paid for your child to have free access. Log in with your child's username and password to access a wealth of curriculum resources across all subjects. The website is updated daily and new resources are added regularly. Login
Please feel free to visit the library after school on Thursdays and Fridays. It is open for all to use. Look for excellent book recommendations to encourage your child to love reading. Please come and hear Sarah Cook speak to all parents on the topics of hearing children read at home fostering a love of reading in the family on Friday 13th December at 1:45 in the school hall. You are warmly invited to share a book and a hot chocolate with your child in their classroom afterwards.