Class 3

Welcome to Class 3
What we are doing:
English - Information texts. 
Maths - Consolidating learning from Term One and Two.
Religious Education - Advent.
Science - Studying animals including humans.
Topic - Vikings.
French - We have began French this year, looking at the numbers in French and small conversation. 
Music - Jingle Bells of the recorders.
22/01/2019: We blind folded a child then let someone call their name to show how difficult it can be to hear when someone's calling you. This shows that it can also be difficult to hear God when he calls upon us.
16/11/18: Had a lot of fun with our maths games, including times tables bingo, dominos and 4 different board games.
13/11/18: Some more litter picking as good stewards of Creation. This time with a bit of help. Thank you parents!
Class 3's Remembrance Day display and book which includes both poems and the powerful silhouette paintings made by the children.
Just some maths over this first half term using hundereds, tens and ones columns to aid us in column addition and subtraction. 
25/9/2018: As good stewards of creation class 3 went litter picking to help our environment. 
17/9/2018: What a messy class...
14/09/2018: It's drama time! Watch as the children reenact the story of Jonah. 
6/9/2018: We are having fun making numbers with our equipment.