Class 3

Welcome to Class 3
6/9/2018: We are having fun making numbers with our equipment. 
 It's drama time! Watch as the children reenact the story of Jonah. 
17/9/2018: What a messy class...
What we are doing:
English - we have been describing settings and have learnt new descriptive words, powerful phrases and fronted adverbials. You may also have heard we have been doing letter and story writing. 
Maths - we have looked at representing numbers in different ways to aid our adding and subtracting of 3-digit numbers. We have also been learning place value, how to find a number on a number line and how to use column addition. 
Religious Education - we are learning about saints and how we can be one as well as looking at the story of Jonah.
Science - we have discovered different kinds of rock and how to describe them, we also have been looking into the types of soil.
Topic - we have looked at both Geography and History. These have included learning how to look at maps and to where North, East, South and West is, we have also looked at where we live, rivers and landmarks. In History we have identified change over time and have began to learn about Vikings.
French - We have began French this year, looking at the numbers in French and small conversation. 

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