Class 6

Our 2017 and 2018 Curriculum.
I sent home a paper copy in July however here is an overview of our curriculum this year. 
Every week your child will receive spellings to learn. They will also be given either a Bug Club activity  or a Mathletics paper or on line task. I will set this on a Monday and collect it in and mark it on the followingMonday. I always spend time going through it with the class and it links to the work we do in school. If your child is struggling to do their homework with you, I am running a lunchtime homework club to provide support. Your child must find me and ask to attend the club on any week that they are struggling to cope with. Your child will have written their homework into their homework diary. 
I have 5 spares of each homework in my spare homework tray in class. If you have a panic over a weekend, I will try hard to upload photos of the homework each week to the website so you can see what needs to be done (capture the image and print it out).
If you could not make it to Meet the Teacher, here are a few photos of the classroom. I am trial long framing great work each week. This will rotate between pupils. We want to celebrate and share excellent effort. 
At St George's we try to provide exciting opportunities to stimulate writing. 
Please read these Pinkery Diaries - completely unaided work . What a fantastic start to the term! 
Well done Class 6 
Some really great RE answers. 
Please use the support videos on your child's Active Learn account. They will help you to support your child with maths calculations at home. 
Please use the help devices on Mathletics as well. 
This Parent leaflet will provide you with lots of useful information for the year. 
Swimming is on a Thursday and PE is on a Monday. 
A few parents have been to see me to ask for support with Grammar homework. I am running a homework support group at lunchtimes if any child is in real need however these resources may help you to support your child. 
Every Monday we will collect in your child's Reading Log. We are looking to see that your child has summarised their reading for the week which will show us that they understand what they are reading. it should be very clear from the Log how frequently your child has read over the week. We expect them to read daily. I addition, your child will need to fill in the reading activities and collect vocabulary in the back of the Log. It is very important that children in Year 6 grow their vocabulary. 
Your child will have three sources for reading:
I might set them a Big Club book to read to prepare for Guided Reading
They must have a book on the go that they are reading for pleasure 
They must also be reading a text that it suited to their reading age
In class we are asking the children ti read aloud with fluency and expression and to stop and think about new words that they come across. We are asking them to give summaries of their reading. Both of these things enable us to ascertain whether the child is understanding their reading. It would help your child greatly if you could do this at home as well.
Please could you sign your child's Reading Log each week so that we know that home reading is being monitored. 
Please see the samples from Reading Logs this term if you need any help with supporting your child in filling out their Log. 
Our Wonder Book Breakfast and The Book Fair went really well .We have recently entered a Blue Peter Book Trust reading competition. Please do not forget to borrow Books from Diagon Alley! 
Some lovely pieces of art work by children in Year 6 inspired by John Ruskin. 
Please complete all of the bugs on last week's text. Please read and complete the bugs on The Victorian Spy and Egyptian Godess books on line. It is very important that you complete all of the bugs because this is your homework. 

T. 01823 284130 E.