Class 6

Spellings for Year 6 to learn. 
A website to help your child to choose a great book to read. 
Grammar support.
Resources to support you with spelling and grammar. 
Print out and use these reading cubes to support your child's reading. 
Don't forget that I have loaded Maths videos on to your child's Bug Club account which will help you to support your child with calculations. These can be watched over and over again.
The file above is an overview of Year 6 Maths Planning for the year. We are following White Rose Hub Small Steps this year. 
This half term we are focusing on Light in Science. We will be writing scientific explanations and writing up investigations using The Passive Voice and The Subjunctive. We have been using Conditionals in grammar lessons. Our Guided Reading will be science based ( How Does a Roller Coaster Work, Technology and Jess and Layla's Astronomical Adventure on Bug Club ) . In Art, we are going to be creating optical illusions based on our understanding of Light. 
Please see the Maths link on this page for an overview of the White Rose resources for this term. 
Here is a Maths Presentation which links to our White Rose Planning which may help you as a parent prepare your child for SATS.