Forest School and Nature Club

Welcome to Forest School and Nature Club at St. George's where children are allowed the freedom to learn through play, exploring and real life experiences in a natural, calm and nurturing environment. 
"Risk is inevitable; it's a requirement for survival... A child who climbs may fall but a child who never climbs is at a much greater risk." (Jones, 2012)
Children today are far more bubble-wrapped than previous generations. Eliminating risks doesn’t allow children to judge risks and manage them for themselves. Forest Schools provide children with opportunities to take physical risks, as well as social and emotional risks such as negotiating with peers, enabling them to push themselves and build resilience.
Forest School leaders carry out a Risk/Benefit Analysis when planning an activity and, if the benefit gained from exposure to the risk outweighs any detrimental effect, the children are able to gain valuable experience necessary for the future. If a risk is identified as being high, it is possible measures can be taken to minimise the risk rather than eliminate it. If the risk is not outweighed by the benefits, the activity will be abandoned.