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Dear Children in Class Six,


I know I was able to speak with some of you on Friday but am aware that some were not in school. There were so many things I wanted to say.


I wanted to congratulate you on being such wonderful children. You have all made such super progress over the years and your attitude to school has always impressed. You have demonstrated such wonderful values on a daily basis and have been keen to do your very best in all that you do.


The kindness and compassion that you have shown for others has been evident. You have been excellent role models and have shown an understanding of the important things in life. To be kind, caring, loving, honest, supportive, honest, hardworking, forgiving, trustworthy and much more. I have seen you live out these values every day.


An example of this was the attitude of the Basketball Teams competing at Heathfield School two weeks ago. The respect the children showed for each other, their opponents and the officials was excellent. But it was also the way in which they competed with enthusiasm, commitment, determination and resilience. I came away filled with so much pride at the talented St George’s children but with the right attitude to competing.


I am sure you have so many treasured memories of your time at St George’s including the Nativity, Sports Day, special events and much more. You will have those memories forever and also the fun you had with the many friends you made. I am sure there will be friendships forged that will be friends for life!


I would like to thank your parents and carers for their support and kindness throughout your time at the school. The amazing staff at St George’s have given you a great start to your journey in education and given you so many memorable moments that you will look back on with smiles and laughter.


I would hope to see you all before the end of the academic year but if this is not possible we will definitely be inviting you and your families back to the school for a proper send-off that you all deserve.


Please stay safe in the weeks ahead and do everything you can to help your families.


Love and best wishes,


Mr Braund

Monday 23rd March 2020
How many places in Taunton can you spot in the quiz below?
Can you identify each town in Somerset?
Can you guess the book?

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning to all the wonderful children and families of St George’s Catholic School.


I hope you are all keeping well and that you are looking after each other. Children, I am sure that you are being wonderful in supporting your families and doing all you can to help. Just by being well behaved, kind, considerate, thoughtful and polite will be a huge help around the house.


I hope that you have had success with accessing the work that your brilliant teachers have been uploading on Google Classroom. We are very lucky to have this resource and keep checking the class websites on a daily basis for more work.


As you can see, I have added a Mr Braund section to the website and will aim to upload a daily quiz or activity. Your families may even want to attempt the quiz or activity.  Please keep checking this section.


I want to thank your parents and carers for the kind messages we have received and the understanding that has been shown.


I also wanted to say a big thank you to all key workers for what they are doing during these unprecedented times. You are greatly respected and appreciated for what you are doing.


Thank you to all the staff at St George’s being so supportive and also organised and prepared with the work that is being uploaded.


Monsignor Bernard is live streaming Mass during this time and a link can be found on the news section of our website.


I would really like to thank Helen Mac Connell, our Chair of Governors, who continuously goes above and beyond in supporting everyone at the school. Helen and I are in regular contact and she has been an absolute rock not only during these past weeks but also throughout my time at St George’s.


Please check our Twitter feeds regularly for activities and links to educational websites.


You are all greatly missed and I do hope that our school community is together again very soon.



Love and best wishes,



Mark Braund


FRIDAY 27th MARCH 2020


Good morning Children, Parents and Carers,


I hope you are keeping well. I woke up this morning aching from 4 mornings of completing the Joe Wicks workout! I do recommend it and that you get your parents doing it as well! When we return to school I would love us to do it as a whole school event for one morning!


I am hearing from your class teachers on a regular basis and they are telling me how well you are all doing. Well done for logging on to Google Classroom and for all the work that you are completing. I now have a Google Classroom page and am uploading the quiz here as well. Do try and have a go at the daily quiz that I am setting. Some of them will require you to do some research but I know you can do it.


I am also in regular contact with colleagues from other schools and the support from school to school has been fantastic!


There are many excellent resources online that you can access and there are links put on our website and twitter feed.


Usually on a Friday, we have Golden Table for KS1 children, where I have lunch with the children. I always look forward to it and the conversations we have. The children will probably tell you that I particularly love the day when fishcakes are served.


We finish every Friday with Golden Book Assembly. I always enjoy having the children together and celebrating the many wonderful achievements including representing the school in a sporting event, achieving an award out of school and completing Mathletics tasks.


We also celebrate birthdays and I would like to wish Lola, Constance, Noah, Charlotte, Raya, Gabriele, Rory, Klaudia, Isla, Emilia and Luciano a very happy birthday!


We always finish the Friday assembly with a song of choice from one of the staff. I have put a link below to my choice this week and will ask staff to suggest a song for every Friday.


I have chosen my all-time favourite song – You’ll Never Walk Alone. This is a song that I have grown up with from the age of four because of my love of Liverpool FC. However, for me it means so much more than being linked to football. I find the song inspiring and encouraging. It tells me that there will be tough times and to stay strong and to stay hopeful that things will resolve themselves. It tells me that there is much love and support from others. I find it a songs that evokes many emotions and one that unites people. An example of this was seeing a video of NHS staff singing it during their working hours last week.


Look after yourselves and have a good weekend with your families.


Love and best wishes,


Mark Braund

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Good morning children, parents and carers,


I hope you all had a good weekend and that you are all keeping well and safe. The weekend gave me a few days to recover from Joe Wicks!


A huge thank you to the staff who kindly organised our Golden Book Assembly on Friday. It was brilliant and I was thrilled to see that some of the children had accessed it on Google Classroom and had left comments. It did make me chuckle reading that a few children had ‘that Friday feeling!’


Monsignor Bernard and Father David are well and in regular contact with me. Please do check the Parish website ( as there are resources for both the children and adults. You can also access resources and register for the virtual children’s liturgy on the CAFOD website (  Mrs McDonnell is also kindly posting a prayer resource on my classroom page daily.


The St George’s staff are well and I am extremely grateful for the work that they are preparing for you all to complete on Google Classroom. Do log in daily so that you can complete the activities set.


We are in the process of completing a book which will be kept in our new library. It will be a book of book reviews. I would be delighted If you would complete this task by typing up a review of a favourite book of yours. You could include the title of the book, the author, the storyline, the main characters, what you like about it, who you would recommend it for and a rating.  You could attach it to my Google Classroom page and then I could send it on to Mrs Parker, who is kindly managing this task.


I am sure you are all being brilliant and helping your families at home.


Love and best wishes,


Mr Braund


Good morning children, parents and carers,


I hope you and your families are staying well. Children I am sure you are being brilliant at home and helping your families.


In many assemblies we speak about the importance of being kind and loving – ‘Always be kinder than is necessary’ – we are seeing so many examples of this. People and communities supporting each other with various things. I read a news article of a young paramedic who stepped out of her house and was on her way to work when she received a standing ovation from her entire neighbourhood. Overwhelmed by the gesture, the paramedic shed tears of joy before waving at her neighbours. The neighbours continued clapping until she left the area in her car. Such a kind and loving thing to do.


I cannot thank the school community enough for their support and kindness throughout these worrying times. There have been many messages of support.


We are very lucky to have such close relationships with our local schools and the support there has been from school to school has been excellent. From sharing updated guidance, advising each other and just checking in on how each school is. There have been many messages daily and often late into the evening. Thank to Gareth Jones, Karen Wedlake, Rachel White and Mike Turner and the school teams for the wonderful working relationships we have.


During this time, I am reading that many people are learning new skills or taking up a new hobby. I once had an ambition to write and publish a children’s book and about eight years ago I put this dream into action. For many years I had an ongoing battle with our neighbours’ cat, Fluffy. Fluffy decided that out of all the areas where he could go to the loo, the best place was my lawn (much to the amusement of Mrs Braund!) It became a battle between myself and Fluffy and caused a lot of amusement for the rest of the street as they could see this battle playing out. I decided to write a children’s book about my friendly battle with Fluffy the cat! I will be uploading the two stories I wrote later today. I hope you enjoy reading them as a family.


I have prepared a bumper Easter Quiz for you to complete with your families. I will post it on Friday. Please tell your relatives and friends about the quizzes and encourage them to have a go as well. 


Please look out for my Friday update. A member of the teaching staff will be choosing the Friday assembly song!


Love and best wishes to you all.


Mr Braund


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,


I sincerely hope that you are all keeping well and safe at this time.


It has now been two weeks since the closure of schools. We are facing many unprecedented challenges, the most being the health and wellbeing of our families, our relatives, our loved ones, our friends, our work colleagues and our neighbours. You are all in our thoughts and prayers at this time.


I wanted to thank all the staff for their ongoing kindness, care, love and support that they give the school. They always go above and beyond for the children and families and have been working hard both in school providing vital childcare and support to the children of key workers and also from home to deliver lessons and stay in communication with their class on a regular basis. I know you have greatly appreciated everything that the staff are doing.


We will continue to provide support for the children of key workers throughout the Easter holidays. I would like to thank the staff in volunteering to ensure that we can continue to provide care. They recognise that this essential in supporting our invaluable key workers so that they continue the outstanding jobs they are doing.


I would like to thank all parents and carers for your support with the home learning. We are very fortunate to have Google Classroom. The support of parents and carers has helped the home learning greatly. I am aware that there will have been many changes to our daily routines. I know for those parents trying to work from home and manage their children’s learning can be a challenging task. I know that whatever learning is happening in your household, that you are all doing your best in such circumstances.


During the Easter holidays, the Google Classrooms will stop. Children, parents, carers and staff all need time to focus on other things. I will upload some Easter activities on the Mr Braund section of the school website but there is no expectation to complete them. I have also added the two stories I wrote many years ago for you all to enjoy and a BUMPER EASTER QUIZ! If you are on FaceTime to family members, tell  them about the quiz and see if they can beat your score!


Work and activities on Google Classroom will finish at the end of today and the first set of activities following the Easter break will be Monday 20th April.


As I post this update we should be getting ready for our Stations of the Cross Service. A moving service that is impeccably observed by the wonderful children. Every mass that I attend, I often find myself admiring the Stations of the Cross carvings that are displayed around the church. They are a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. I have included a link to the church website for you to admire them  


We would usually conclude the term with our Golden Book Assembly, where we celebrate many achievements and also celebrate birthdays. This week I would like to wish Lucas, Abel, Sophie, Florence, Marianne, Karl, Jeremiah, Aleksandrs, Julia, Kostek, Isaac and Oonagh a happy birthday!


We also finish assembly with a song that we all go out to and try our best dance moves as we leave. I still need to work on these dance moves and my rhythm! Our Friday assembly song has been chosen by Mrs Gavins! See the link below and do get your families dancing to the tune like you would in assembly.


Wishing you and your families a Happy Easter. Do stay well and safe.



Love and best wishes,



Mr Braund and all the staff and governors.

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