Dear Parents and Carers,



I hope you and your families are safe and well.


As I informed you last week, the guidance for schools for September 2020 was released last week and we have been busy preparing. I just wanted to update you on key information at this time.


Wrap Around Care


We will be able to offer wraparound care at the school but it will be basic childcare and unfortunately we will not be able to provide food and drink. We are going to have wraparound care in the school sports hall for the foreseeable future. The times will be the normal times of 7:45-8:50 in the mornings and 3:30 – 5:30 in the afternoons.


The children will be zoned in their year groups and will have the PE mats to sit on resources for colouring and other activities. In the afternoon, we will aim to have the children outside when possible. As I stated, this isn’t ideal but we wanted to ensure that we can provide child care as we recognise that some families rely greatly on this.


Parents and carers will need to drop off on the car park playground and bring their child to the swimming pool playground gates. Parents, carers and visitors must not walk past these gates and onto the school premises. There will be a doorbell on the post of these gates to alert the wraparound staff that a parent/carer has arrived. The final time for drop off in the morning for wraparound is 8:15.


Staggered Start and End of Day




The guidance also states that large gatherings at the school gates should be avoided and has advised staggering the start and end of day. We have decided to stagger the start of school. KS2 children and their KS1 siblings will start school at 8:50. KS1 will start at 9:10. I cannot emphasise the importance of sticking to these times. We cannot have any unscheduled cars on our premises. Please do not enter the playground car park until your allotted arrival time. Please don’t even start to drive down the one way system until it is your time because it will cause unnecessary hold ups and may block the road. The car park gates will open for KS2 staggered start at 8:35. All the cars for the KS2 start must be on the premises by 8:50, when the school day starts. Parents and carers must reverse into spaces and wait for the signal for the children to go to class. I apologise if this sounds very regimental but strict rules are needed to ensure that all children and families are safe at all times.


The end of the school day will be 3:30pm for KS2. We ask that parents and carers do not arrive until the KS1 families have left the premises (approximately 3:15). Parents and carers must stay in cars until they are signalled to collect their child/ren.





KS1 cars will not be able to enter the car park until 9:00am. All the cars for the KS1 start must be on the premises by 9:10am. We cannot allow for bubbles to be mixed and for lateness. Parents and carers must reverse into a space and wait for the signal to bring the children to the signalled gate. These entrances will be highlighted.


The end of the school day will be 3:05pm for KS1. The gates to the car park playground will open at 2:45pm and all parents and carers must be on time to pick up to allow time for the KS2 children. Parents must stay in cars until they are signalled to collect their child/ren.


Families walking and cycling to school must wait in a queue along the fence of the car park/swimming pool playground.


Unfortunately we cannot allow access through the gate at the bottom of our school field. Parents and carers must not enter the main part of the school premises to avoid mixing of bubbles.




The children will remain in their year group bubbles for the day and will not be mixing with other bubbles. Playtimes have been carefully considered and each bubble will be on a different playground.


Lunch and Breaktimes


School lunch times will be staggered. For the first three weeks, our caterers will offer a sandwich lunch which parents will need to order from the link on our school website. This can be ordered in three week blocks and must be ordered by the previous Wednesday.


Key stage one and two will have staggered lunchtimes and the year groups will be on different playgrounds.


School Uniform


The children will be required to wear school uniform and to have their PE kits. Children will not be expected to have school shoes for the first term as we are aware that some families are still not going into the shops and unable to have feet measured etc.


Swimming Pool


We have taken the decision to keep the school pool closed for the foreseeable future. Instead the children will receive an extra hour of PE with Mrs Buck as well as their hour with Mr C.




Children that are unwell and displaying symptoms must not come into school and must be tested immediately. Parents and carers must communicate this with the school and we can speak with the local health protection team. Parents and carers will be called to the school if a child starts to display symptoms during the school day.  There will a whole section on our website on this matter.




The children will be encouraged and expected to wash their hands with soap and water throughout the school day for at least twenty seconds, particularly after coming into school, after sneezing or coughing, before and after the handling of food and after going to the toilet.


Extra-Curricular After School Clubs


Mr C will continue to offer after school clubs for specific bubbles. These will be straight from school and at the end of the club, Mr C will bring the children to the swimming pool playground gates.




All children will be expected to return to school in September.


School Events


Sadly we will be unable to have large gatherings in the hall for the foreseeable future. We will be using computer technology to have assemblies broadcast to classrooms.


The School Library


I am very grateful that Mrs Price has put so much preparation into the running of the school library. Children will be able to request a book on google classroom and Mrs Price will select the books. On completion of the books, they will have to remain in a plastic box for a week before they can be available again for loan.


We are always happy to help and support as best as we can. Please phone or call the school office if you have any questions. We can only have one person/family in our office foyer area at one.


As you can appreciate there is so much more to communicate with you. I have filmed some videos with information. These will be posted on our website very soon.


Best wishes,


Mark Braund