Sport and Physical Education

Have a look at our Sporting Newsletters below...
Please could parents read the School Sport Philosophy and Code of Conduct for Central Venue Leagues with your children. Often the matches are refereed by Young Leaders who do a FANTASTIC job!
Sporting Superstars Fitness Programme: 25 squats; 25 press ups; 25 straight leg jumps; 50 jump lunges (25 for each leg). Repeat 3 times a week ! 
Josh in Year 6 is our Skip To Be Fit champion at our Wow Event ! 
Children in Key Stage 2 enjoyed an after school club at the Vivary Centre. Lovely to see the children grow in confidence and challenge themselves! Thank-you to Mrs Buck for taking them!
The children in Key Stage 2 are asked to keep a record of the sporting clubs they attend each term. It would be great if you could help them to remember!!!

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