15th July 2022 Newsletter


15th July 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


This Week in School

What a scorcher…and the staff and pupils are not slowing down as the term approaches its end! There have been two class trips this week. Class 2 went to Escot Park on Tuesday and Ethan and Ben (the resident park keepers) were delighted to see how well behaved and enthusiastic our children were. They saw lots of wild animals (including some European Brown Bears who were incredible to watch!) and a fantastic time was had by all.

Class 4 went to Charmouth Beach on Friday and had a lovely day at the seaside hunting for fossils, to link with their Science topic. After a good rummage around the gift shop and a tasty ice-cream, they made their way back to St George’s, where a very exciting event was taking place…see below!

Also this week, the children have been having their RSE lessons, and are also taking part in an online RE retreat, which I am reliably informed has some inspiring music for the children to sing along to. Things won’t be slowing down next week as we enter our final week before the summer holidays. We have the Year 6 Production, the Leaver’s Mass and the Leaver’s Assembly. See dates and times below.


Summer Fete

Finally, we had the much anticipated return of the Summer Fete this Friday and what a roaring success it was! We cannot thank the volunteers enough for their time and effort on what turned out to be a very sunny, very hot day. So much organisation and planning went on behind the scenes and it really was a mammoth undertaking to co-ordinate so many people and ideas, and turn a vision into what was a fantastic reality! Thank you to Laura (who you may know as Rose and Hayden’s Mum) for spear-heading the organisation of the event.  Laura would agree she had a wonderful team behind her. It takes an army of hard-working volunteers to set up and run a fantastic event like this one, which was put together in 4 short weeks. Everyone involved should be really proud of themselves. Please accept a huge, genuinely heartfelt thanks to all who took part, for your dedication and effort. It truly was a magical event, and I know there are a few people who felt quite emotional about how successful its return was.


Hot Weather

We are aware that we are due to have some extremely hot weather on Monday and Tuesday. I appreciate this is worrying for parents and we have been following the guidance from the Local Authority very carefully. The general precautions outlined by them are as follows:


-              Children should not take part in vigorous physical activity on very hot days. [We will cancel PE but Swimming will go ahead if possible.]

-              When outdoor play/sports activities are taking place provide plenty of shade – children should play in the shade outside as much as possible. [We will stagger playtimes to make the best use of the shade we have so that all children can have some fresh air, but they will be encouraged to stay out of the direct sunlight and stay in the shaded areas. We would be grateful for any parents who are willing to set up any canopies for the two days.]

-              Keep hydrated – provide children with plenty of water (such as water from a cold tap) and encourage them to drink more than usual, particularly if they are taking part in sports day events or outdoor play. [Please ensure you send your child with a water bottle, which we will encourage them to drink from and fill up regularly throughout the day.]

-              Wear sun hats preferably wide brimmed to avoid sun burn and sun cream (at least factor 15 with UVA protection) to protect skin if children are playing or taking lessons outdoors for more than 20 minutes. [Please ensure your child comes to school wearing sun cream.]

-              Keep as cool as possible. [We have bought fans and water spritz bottles for every classroom.]

-              Be aware of the signs of children becoming overheated signs of heat stress, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. [All staff have been made aware of the signs of heat stress, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.]

-              There is currently no recommendation to close schools. [We will remain open and provide the best care we can for the children. We will contact parents in the event that anything changes.]


We hope you have a wonderful weekend, and take care in the hot weather.


Best wishes,

Edwina McDonnell


Upcoming Dates:

  • Mon 18th July – Year 6 Production – Dress Rehearsal in school – for pupils
  • Tues 19th July – Year 6 Production – Performance for Parents – 5pm in the School Hall.
  • Wed 20th July – Year 6 Leaver’s Mass, 9.30 am in Church.  Year 6 Parents welcome to attend.
  • Fri 22nd July. Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly at 2pm in the School Hall. Year 6 Parents welcome to attend. Remember to arrive on time for a prompt start.