29 January 2021


29th January 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. There continues to be speculation about schools and when all pupils will return from remote learning. Sadly, we never receive information and guidance ahead of anyone else and await news from the Prime Minister and Government. Boris Johnson did announce on Wednesday 27th January that he is hopeful that pupils could return to school from remote learning from Monday 8th March.

The St George’s Community

I just want to thank you all for your support, kindness and understanding in what has been a tough few months for everyone.

I am extremely appreciative to have the team of staff that I have at St George’s. They are such a committed and dedicated team who do everything they can to support the children and families.

The work that the staff are doing behind the scenes is admirable and they are going above and beyond to educate and support all the children to the best of their abilities.

The planning and organisation, to ensure that the children of critical workers and the children remote learning continue to receive an excellent education, requires hours and hours of preparation and time. The staff have been brilliant in how they have recorded input of lessons, taught the children in school, monitored the Google Classroom as much as they possibly can, created resources and made phone calls. They cannot reply to every comment on Google Classroom and I wouldn’t expect them to as they are spinning so many plates.

Can I please remind parents to contact the school office for general enquiries and messages. The Google Classroom is the educational platform for the children’s learning.

It causes me concern the hours that the teachers and staff are doing at St George’s and throughout the country. Staff are on their computers and preparing resources until gone 10pm.

It saddens me greatly when I hear of news reports criticising the education profession. I wish the journalists could see for themselves the commitment and efforts of my team and all the schools throughout the country.

Thank you to all our parents and carers for all that you are doing in supporting with your child’s learning. I recognise the challenges you face. The standards of the school curriculum changed dramatically in 2014 and I wasn’t doing the work that I see the children completing in our upper Key Stage Two until I was at secondary school. The work set can be challenging but the videos and resources that are prepared and uploaded by the staff will help your child with their understanding.

I appreciate everything my team are doing and I appreciate your kind comments and support of St George’s Catholic School.

Google Translate

Just a reminder that we put all our newsletters on our school website and these can be translated into all languages. Please do check the school website regularly for updates.

Well Being Meet Up

We will now be offering a once a week live meet up session for the children at home for 20-30 minutes every week starting the week beginning Monday 1st February. This will be an opportunity for the children to see their teacher and other children that are remote learning. The class teachers will make the children aware of the live streaming meet up on the Google Classroom page.

We are mindful that we will need to offer different times during the week as there will be families with one device and more than one child.

This will not be a lesson but will be an opportunity for the children to see their teacher and other children.

We can do this through Google Classroom and Google Meet. Instructions will be communicated next week.

 Live streaming meet ups do come with strict guidelines that have to be followed by all children.

These are:

  •          Online sessions should only accessed in a shared family area (never a bedroom).
  •          Pupils should be appropriately dressed.
  •          Other family members should be made aware that a live meet up is taking place in this space so they can also act appropriately when present in the background
  •          Appropriate language and activity in line with on school site expectations should be used at all times
  •          The camera on your device may be disabled for all or part of a session. You will be joining the online session using the microphone on your device.
  •          You will be asked for permission if this session is recorded by the school. No-one else should take screen shots or recordings of the session.
  •          No images or recordings of the session will be shared within or outside the school environment.  Do not repost images online or on social media.
  •          Do not share any data, such as names or other information that may be heard as part of the lesson.
  •          Normal classroom standards of behaviour are expected. If these are not adhered to, access to these sessions will be removed.
  •          Online meet ups are to provide support for the children and are not for parental feedback or to be used as an opportunity for additional parent/teacher discussions.

Best Wishes

Mark Braund