2 October 2020


October 2020

2nd October 2020

Newsletter 2 October 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,



The change of pick up for KS2 and their KS1 siblings has worked really well this week.

I cannot emphasise enough the serious situation we are in and that we must all do our part to ensure that we are all kept as safe as possible.


  •          Pedestrians must stay along the fence of the swimming pool playground and the fence by the Reception Class play area. By staying along the fence, it allows others to walk by.


  •          The yellow box and surrounding area must be left clear. Parents and carers standing in front of this area are slowing the process of returning children and preventing the staff and children keeping a safe distance from others. 

From today, my priority will be the cars parked on the far side of the playground and ensuring that the children are returned to these cars asap. Mr Davies will continue to do the brilliant job that he does ensuring that the whole playground of traffic is staying safe and aware of pedestrians. The remaining staff will help return the children to cars and pedestrians on the swimming pool playground side of the car park.

There have been schools that have been affected with positive test results and we want to ensure that we are doing everything we possibly can to keep everyone safe and well. That is why we are having a heavy presence of staff outside, to ensure that everyone is safely returned to parents and carers and I cannot afford to let our procedures and processes slip.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Mrs Lipscombe

It is with a sad heart that I am writing to announce that Mrs Lipscombe will be retiring at October half-term after eighteen years at St George’s. She was so thoughtful and kind to make me aware of her plans many months ago and offered to stay for the first half term to ensure that the school was settled during these times. I cannot thank Mrs Lipscombe enough for everything she has done for St George’s. It has been a pleasure working with such a brilliant member of the team. I am delighted that Mrs Lipscombe is keen to be a volunteer at the school and she knows that she is welcome to visit anytime! I am sure you all wish Mrs Lipscombe a happy and healthy retirement.


Cooked Dinners

I am delighted to announce that our caterers will be providing cooked meals after half term. Please ensure that you go on to our school website and click on the link to order the school meals. The price of a KS2 meal is now £2.45.


Reminder -  Flu Immunisation

The nurses are visiting St George’s on Tuesday 3rd November to give the flu immunisation nasal spray for the whole school. It is vital that parents and carers complete the consent form on https://saint.sompar.nhs.uk/flu/2020/west.  The link will close at least one week prior to the session date and so it is recommended that you complete the consent form as soon as possible.



Reminder – Wear Red Day

We will be inviting our children to wear red to school on Friday 16th October in support of showing racism the red card.


Dragon Tales

Mrs Price, the school librarian, and Mrs Marchant have started a monthly book review newsletter. The newsletter will be published at the beginning of each month and the first edition is now available on Google classrooms on the library club page. Please have a look at it and all responses to this edition will be entered into a prize draw.


New Library and Music Room

Our new Library and Music Room is virtually completed! We are delighted with it and are looking forward to having it filled with new books and musical instruments. If any parents are aware of any grants we can apply for to stock our new Library and Music Room we would appreciate your suggestions.





Message from the Fundraising Team

Unfortunately this year we are unable to hold the annual Christmas Bazaar. However we are coming up with alternative ideas. Christmas cards designed by your children is one of these ideas so please hold bear this in mind when purchasing your Christmas cards. Further details to follow when finalised.

In the meantime we will definitely be holding a hamper raffle. A mufti day (date to be confirmed) will be held and in return we will be asking for donations of items suitable to be added to the hampers. We would appreciate it if each year group could donate the following items:

Reception class – soaps and/or candles

Class 1 – toys for girls

Class 2 – toys for boys

Class 3 – something sweet

Class 4 – something savoury

Class 5 – something for mums

Class 6 – something for dads



Thank you for your continued support with raising money for our school


The fundraising team