27th April 2020

Monday 27th April 2020


Dear Children, Parent and Carers,


I hope you are all safe and well and that you had a lovely weekend. I do hope that you are able to communicate with loved ones and friends via the many forms of technology that we have.


There is still no news on when schools will reopen. We do not receive any additional information than the general public. There is much speculation in the press but this is just speculation and we can only wait to hear an official announcement from the Government. As I stated last week, I imagine there will be strict guidelines for social distancing, but again, we await further information from the Government.


Last December, I was visited by a School Educational Partner. She spent a day at St George’s and was very complimentary about the children, staff and the atmosphere throughout the school. I am lucky enough to witness and experience this on a daily basis and I truly believe that the school community that we are is shining through. I am very grateful and appreciative to you all for making St George’s the school that it is. Your kindness, understanding and support throughout this time and at all times is wonderful.  


A huge thank you to the St George’s Team for the ongoing support with lessons and communication. The Friday assemblies have been an absolute joy to watch and we have another wonderful assembly planned for this Friday.


Please do keep checking the school website for updates and the Google Classroom daily to access the work that the teachers are setting.


Love and best wishes to you all.


Mr Braund