3rd April 2020

Friday 3rd April



Dear Children, Parents and Carers,


I sincerely hope that you are all keeping well and safe at this time.


It has now been two weeks since the closure of schools. We are facing many unprecedented challenges, the most being the health and wellbeing of our families, our relatives, our loved ones, our friends, our work colleagues and our neighbours. You are all in our thoughts and prayers at this time.


I wanted to thank all the staff for their ongoing kindness, care, love and support that they give the school. They always go above and beyond for the children and families and have been working hard both in school providing vital childcare and support to the children of key workers and also from home to deliver lessons and stay in communication with their class on a regular basis. I know you have greatly appreciated everything that the staff are doing.


We will continue to provide support for the children of key workers throughout the Easter holidays. I would like to thank the staff in volunteering to ensure that we can continue to provide care. They recognise that this essential in supporting our invaluable key workers so that they continue the outstanding jobs they are doing.


I would like to thank all parents and carers for your support with the home learning. We are very fortunate to have Google Classroom. The support of parents and carers has helped the home learning greatly. I am aware that there will have been many changes to our daily routines. I know for those parents trying to work from home and manage their children’s learning can be a challenging task. I know that whatever learning is happening in your household, that you are all doing your best in such circumstances.


During the Easter holidays, the Google Classrooms will stop. Children, parents, carers and staff all need time to focus on other things. I will upload some Easter activities on the Mr Braund section of the school website but there is no expectation to complete them. I have also added the two stories I wrote many years ago for you all to enjoy and a BUMPER EASTER QUIZ! If you are on FaceTime to family members, tell  them about the quiz and see if they can beat your score!


Work and activities on Google Classroom will finish at the end of today and the first set of activities following the Easter break will be Monday 20th April.


As I post this update we should be getting ready for our Stations of the Cross Service. A moving service that is impeccably observed by the wonderful children. Every mass that I attend, I often find myself admiring the Stations of the Cross carvings that are displayed around the church. They are a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. I have included a link to the church website for you to admire them https://www.tauntoncatholicchurch.com/stations-of-the-cross/.  


We would usually conclude the term with our Golden Book Assembly, where we celebrate many achievements and also celebrate birthdays. This week I would like to wish Lucas, Abel, Sophie, Florence, Marianne, Karl, Jeremiah, Aleksandrs, Julia, Kostek, Isaac and Oonagh a happy birthday!


We also finish assembly with a song that we all go out to and try our best dance moves as we leave. I still need to work on these dance moves and my rhythm! Our Friday assembly song has been chosen by Mrs Gavins! See the link below and do get your families dancing to the tune like you would in assembly.


Wishing you and your families a Happy Easter. Do stay well and safe.


Love and best wishes,


Mr Braund and all the staff and governors.

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