End of Year Newsletter 16th July 2021


July 2021

16th July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we come to the end of another academic year, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the year it has been.

Nothing would have prepared us for March 2020 and the following 18 months.

Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support, kindness and understanding in what has been the most challenging time education has faced in recent years. You have all played a huge part in keeping the school open and your kind words and encouragement have been very much appreciated by us all.

The main priority for any school is to have happy and engaged children, who are excited and enthusiastic about their education. There have been many challenges faced and overcome and we recognise that the priority has been to support the children and community throughout these difficult times. The well-being of the children, staff and community will always be our main focus.

September 2021 will see a return to more normality in schools and we are all looking forward to this and many of the events that have been greatly missed.

I want to thank the staff at St George’s for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the school. The team spirit at St George’s continues to amaze me! Everybody working together to ensure we do the best we possibly can for the children. They have gone above and beyond. Our class bubbles have ensured that the children have all been as safe as possible and reduced risk of class closures. The staff have adapted brilliantly to the bubbles and restrictions and have given everything of themselves.

Helen Mac Connell and the rest of the Governing Body have worked so hard behind the scenes, attending regular meetings and reviewing documents to ensure that the school continues to run effectively. Being a school governor is a voluntary role and I thank them all for their time and energy. Helen Mac Connell has shown such dedication and commitment and has been a consistent strength and reassurance to us all.

Monsignor Bernard continues to visit us all regularly to advise and support. He clearly loves doing so and works so brilliantly with the school.

The volunteers have gradually been able to return to school and their support continues to be valued and appreciated.

Our fundraising team are amazing! The ideas and the money raised helps the school enormously and enables us to buy resources that would be impossible without such funding. I really am looking forward to a time where I am standing on the school stage and taking in the atmosphere of a Christmas Fayre! These magical times have been missed.

As ever, I would like to finish with the children. They are an absolute credit to you all. It delights me to see them enjoying their educational experience at St George’s and the opportunities they are given. They have been wonderful and I feel extremely lucky to witness every day the progress and achievements they have made.  A huge well done, I am extremely proud of every child at St George’s.

A special mention goes to our smashing Year Six children who leave us next Friday. They have had a brilliant year and a super journey during their time at the school. They have been excellent role models and have understood the responsibilities of being in Class Six. They will all go on to achieve great things. We will very much miss the class and will be thrilled to see them return to visit in the future. Remember, ‘Once a St George’s child, always a St George’s child!’

I wish you all a restful summer and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

With Best Wishes


Mark Braund


Please note some additional information below:-

The End of Term Mass

The End of Term Mass will be at St George’s Church for the Year Six children at 9:30am on Friday 23rd July. A maximum of two family members of the Year 6 children will be invited to join us for the Service. This will also be streamed online and will be accessed from the St George’s Church Website.

School Uniform 2021/22

Just a reminder that we will be returning to full school uniform including school shoes from September 2021. Sensible flat dark shoes and sandals (not open toed) are the policy of the school. Please note, winter boots are not part of the School Uniform Policy. The School Uniform Policy is on our website.

Children will be allowed to wear their PE kit on PE days next year and Mr C will write to you all next week confirming the PE and swimming days.  We would like the children to have the correct PE uniform and to wear their St George’s jumpers as well. In the winter we will allow jogging bottoms but these must be dark.

Are you aware of the school’s success with Beat the Streets?

Wow! What a brilliant few weeks of Beat the Streets! A huge well-done and thank you to all that actively took part in this wonderful initiative. The final leader board has not been confirmed but I know that St George’s have achieved a great score these past weeks. I have heard from several sources that children and families were out and about until the very last minute on Wednesday. What commitment! I applaud you all!

Did you hear the children cheering and clapping?

Sports Day returned to St George’s on Wednesday and what a brilliant event it was! Children from KS1 and KS2 putting everything into their races and enjoying every minute. The cheering and clapping was wonderful. My stand out memory that will live with me forever was 120 KS2 children shouting for joy and chanting ‘Ivy, Ivy, Ivy, Ivy!!!!’ I couldn’t have been more proud of Miss Ivy and all the children that praised her and cheered her on!

After School Clubs for 2021/22

More information will be sent out next week regarding our after school clubs. Mr C will continue to offer his sports clubs. Emily Parker offering gymnastics. Our before and after school care will be back in the Busy Room and there will be a variety of activities available, including art and craft, cookery, forest school, computing and library, board games and puzzles.

Swimming will also be offered after school. However, this will start a week later than our other clubs as we want to ascertain interest and put a fair plan together to ensure all children will have an opportunity to do this if they wish.

Catenian Competition

The President and Members of the Catenian Association West Somerset Circle recently challenged the children at all the Catholic Schools in Somerset with a Poster Competition. We received the list of winners this week. Many congratulations to the following winners:

Overall winner – Kirshane     

Reception Class – George           

Class One – Imogen       

Class Two – Olivia

Class Three – Rose                   

Class Four – Kevin                           

Class Five – Kirshane     

Class Six – Oliver

The entries were so impressive and we have very talented artists at St George’s.