Friday 1st May Message from Mr Braund


1st May 2020



Happy Friday everyone!


I hope you and your families and friends are all keeping safe and well. It is such a shame that the weather hasn’t been as glorious, but let’s hope that the sun returns very soon.


I hope you are finding the newsletters and updates useful and would really appreciate it if you could send the link to other parents so that everyone is aware of the updates.


Google Classroom continues to be working very well. I would like to share the guidelines that we have for using this wonderful resource and would really appreciate it if these guidelines are supported by all.



G Suite -  Guidelines for Pupils


G Suite has been designed as a collaborative learning platform, to give us the opportunity to learn the etiquette of communicating and collaborating online so that we will all learn to use technology in a positive way and be good digital citizens.


When we first set it up for use in school we did not realise that it would become such an essential tool for our teaching and learning as it has proved to be over the last 6 weeks!


We are issuing these guidelines as a reminder, to ensure that everyone’s experience of G- Suite is a positive one.


  1. Please remember that when you communicate online the person receiving your message cannot see the expression on your face. A humorous comment that you might make face-to-face can sometimes be taken the wrong way online. Please choose your words carefully and make sure that all messages are kind, positive, helpful and necessary.
  2. We are asking children NOT to set up documents which they share only with a small group of friends. This can be hurtful to those children not invited. All communication on the stream should be open to everyone in your class so that nobody feels excluded at this time when children are isolated in their homes. 
  3. We appreciate that so many parents are sending photos of their children’s work to their teachers, we love receiving these pictures. We would advise you not to include your child’s face in pictures. Although our G suite is a closed system on our own domain, this is an extra safeguarding precaution that we would advise you to take.
  4. Please DO NOT screenshot pictures or videos which have been uploaded to the G suite.
  5. Please DO NOT share any content that is posted on our G Suite to anyone outside our school domain.
  6. Please DO NOT try to upload a photo of yourself to your account profile.
  7. Please remember that your accounts are your own, you should not be using details which belong to your siblings. We talk in our online safety lessons about not sharing passwords and protecting our personal information. This is an example of that behaviour. You should not access your brother or sister’s account or classroom.


Thank you all for your continued support of our online teaching. If you have any questions about, or issues with our Google Classroom platform, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


I am sure you will all enjoy the Friday Assembly that Mrs Marchant has kindly created with a little help from the teaching staff. Children you will notice what I forgot to hand out at the start of the assembly – ‘THE GOLDEN CUSHION’ I hear you all say.


We would usually end the day with our Friday Assembly. I would like to wish Toby, William, Shasey and Lucas a very happy birthday!


Mrs Crocker has kindly chosen the Friday song to sing and clap along to. She has chosen a song by my all-time favourite band – The Beatles! Mrs Crocker has chosen ‘With A Little Help From My Friends.” Written in 1967 by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They don’t make music like they used to!


Wishing you all a super weekend.


Love and best wishes,


Mr Braund