Newsletter 28 January 2022


28th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to start by thanking so many of you for your support, understanding and concern in what has been an incredibly challenging week at St George’s. Covid cases have been high across Taunton these past days and has had a huge impact on many schools including St George’s. We have been short of 9 staff and a high number of pupils and families have been affected as well.

I really do appreciate all your support, awareness and once again your encouragement through these ongoing unprecedented times.

The St George’s Staff have been incredible and once again, gone above and beyond to ensure we have kept the school operating as effectively as possible.

As a community, we will continue to work together to get through these times.

I was lucky enough to support with PE and swimming this week and was delighted with the behaviour and positive attitude of all the children. Mrs Ely commented on the conclusion of a game and how the two remaining children were quick to shake hands and congratulate each other. I beamed as this was fed back to me and quickly praised the children. These are qualities they will take with them throughout their life. Well done to all of our St George’s children. Please can I remind all parents and carers that we do ask for a voluntary contribution of £10 per term for the swimming we offer and £10 per term for School Amenities, If you haven’t yet paid for the Spring Term already then you can do this by paying online, details are as follows:



SORT CODE: 30-98-45



       Please quote ref S for Swimming or A for Amenities


Premises Improvements

We have been very fortunate these past years with the funding we have received to improve the premises. These have included toilet refurbishment throughout the school, new flooring in all classrooms, new intervention rooms, canopy repairs, upgrading our pool facilities, the area outside EYFS and much more.

We have made new bids for funding to improve the back playground and other key areas but appreciate that grants are difficult to obtain at this time. If any parents and carers are aware of any grants or bids we can make to improve our facilities, we would appreciate being made aware. An example of this is some banks match fund money raised by the PTA.

After School Clubs

Can I please ask parents and carers to continue to follow our parking policy when picking up from after school clubs. Mr Davies is not outside at this time and we need all parents and carers to drive slowly, reverse into a space and also be vigilant.

Wear Your Scarf to School Day

We are inviting all children to wear a scarf to school on Friday 11th February to support children’s mental health week. In what has been a challenging time for everyone it is something very important and we want to support and raise awareness.

Best Wishes


Mark Braund