July 2020


July 2020

3rd July 2020


Friday 17th July 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


When I wrote the end of year letter twelve months ago, I don’t think anyone would have believed the challenges we were all going to face in 2020. It has been a worrying and difficult time for us all and I wanted to write to thank the whole St George’s community for the support that has been offered to the school during these times.


I want to begin by thanking the St George’s staff for their commitment, dedication and kindness. They are a wonderful team who give everything to ensure that we have happy children who enjoy school and flourish with the opportunities they are given each day. Throughout these past months the staff have been a tremendous support to the children, families and each other. Their enthusiasm and ideas continue to amaze me and I am extremely grateful to have the team that I have. The hard work and planning from everyone behind the scenes has ensured the children have been provided with a continued broad and balanced curriculum with ongoing support throughout each day.


I would like to thank all parents and carers for working alongside the school to ensure that the children have the best education possible. I would also like to thank you for being so considerate and understanding. I have been overwhelmed by the messages of support. You help create the atmosphere at the school and work effectively with the school to help the children grow, develop and have a thirst for learning.


Behind the scenes, the Governing Body continues to be committed and hardworking in ensuring they support the school to achieve our aims and ambition. Helen MacConnell has been in regular contact throughout lockdown and there have been many meetings to help with the planning and organisation. I very much appreciate having such an active and supportive Governing Body who take so much interest in the life of the school.


Monsignor Bernard and Father David continue to offer much advice and support. Monsignor Bernard enjoys visiting the school regularly and the children and staff are always so pleased to see him. His thoughtfulness is always appreciated. Monsignor visited every class on Friday 20th March and took time to visit the Year 6 children who had returned from Monday 1st June. He always makes time for us all at the school and wants to do all he can to support us.  


I am very grateful to receive calls from parishioners during these past months. To know that we have been in their thoughts and prayers has been a real comfort.


We are very fortunate to have so many volunteers at St George’s. From changing books, gardening, working with classes, supporting the choir, helping with swimming and so much more. Every contribution plays a significant part in helping the school be the school that it is.


The Fundraising Team are such an enthusiastic and active group. They have so many ideas and want to do all they can to help the school make improvements.


We are extremely fortunate to have such excellent relationships with our local schools.  We work very closely with Parkfield, Trull, Bishop Henderson and Bishop’s Hull and have one aim - to work effectively together to benefit all of our schools. The teaching staff meet every half term to work on projects and I meet regularly with the heads to plan projects together and support each other.  Throughout lockdown, we have been in daily communication as a group of heads to help and advise.


I want to thank our wonderful children. They are an absolute delight and a credit to their families, the school and themselves. They enjoy school and experience so many new opportunities from their time at St George’s. They show much kindness and care to each other and the staff at the school. I am always impressed with their politeness and manners. I am very proud of our children and feel very lucky and privileged to be their head teacher.


We say goodbye to our Year Six children who are moving on to secondary school. They are ready for the next stage of their education. The secondary schools are very lucky to be having such motivated, hardworking, kind and considerate individuals joining them. The children and families will be missed and we do hope they all stay in touch and visit from time to time. Please remember, ‘Once a St George’s child, ALWAYS a St George’s child!’


I do wish you all a happy summer and look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 3rd September.


Love and best wishes,


Mark Braund



Friday 3rd July 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you are keeping safe and well. I am very aware that the best part of my job is the daily interaction with the children, staff, families and communities. It has been wonderful seeing the children who have been able to come to school these past weeks and I am very much looking forward to September.


The guidance for September 2020 was released on Thursday 2nd July. All year groups will return in September but you will be returning to a school with many new guidelines that we must adhere to. In the coming days I will draw up a plan for the months ahead. The health and safety of the children, staff and families will be at the forefront of the plans.


The children will return to school in year group bubbles and will stay with their bubbles for the duration of the school day. Class teachers and staff will be allowed to move from bubble to bubble. The guidance is highly recommending staggered start and finish times. This is something that we will be doing and we will also need to consider the drop off and pick up. All of this will be planned with videos and information posted on our school website as soon as possible.


The well-being of the children, staff and families will be our top priority and a focus of continuing to provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum.


Sadly, it is clear that school celebrations will not be happening for the foreseeable future. Events such as Harvest and Christmas will need to be celebrated differently but I know the team at St George’s will be as creative as ever to ensure that we will still do something to mark these occasions!


The annual school reports will be sent out by email next Friday. Class teachers have asked for parents to supply their up to date email address to ensure that all are successfully sent. I am sure you understand the need for us to email the reports this year. We can print a report if requested.


Can I remind parents that you can order school uniform direct from our school website. Please can you have it sent directly to your house instead of school. I discussed with the St George’s Governing Body my concerns regarding footwear, as I am sure some families may still not be going into shops. We have decided that the children can wear comfortable shoes such as trainers for the autumn term.


The school year finishes on Friday 17th July and the new academic year will start on Thursday 3rd September.


Please keep checking the school website as further information will be posted in the coming days.


Best wishes,


Mark Braund