Monday 11th May 2020


11th May 2020

Monday 11th May 2020


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well and that you had a lovely weekend. The VE Day events throughout the country, although scaled down, were a tribute to the millions of brave people that fought to protect us all.


I was hoping to update you on news after the Prime Minister’s announcement last night. It did leave me with many questions and not enough answers. We would like to have our pupils back to school as soon as possible but it has to be safe for everyone to do so. My first priority has to be the safety of everyone in the school community. We have to consider not only the logistics – I’m sure there will be many rules to follow, but also the risk factors to all. These include the pupils and their families; teachers, support staff, lunch staff, cleaners and their families as well.


Any plan to increase numbers of children that are already in school has to be practical and manageable. It will be physically impossible to bring back the numbers of pupils being suggested and maintain any sense of social distancing. This is especially the case in Reception Class and Year One. The school day at St George’s will be completely different, we will have to consider so many aspects of what we have considered the normal.



The Government will release additional guidance today but for the month of May at least, nothing has changed. The school continues to be open for the children of Key Workers and the ongoing effective use of Google Classroom will continue. I will aim to provide as much information in the coming days and weeks when I am able to do so.


I am extremely grateful to the whole St George’s Community for your support and understanding throughout this worrying and unprecedented time. The staff have been excellent throughout and we continue to be delighted with the effectiveness of Google Classroom. Your messages and your support with class work has been very much appreciated.


Love and best wishes to you all.


Mr Braund