Newsletter 12th November 2021


12th November 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I cannot tell you how much Mr Davies and I enjoy being outside in the mornings and after school. There is always such a lovely atmosphere and I lost count of how many children asked me if I had the ‘Friday feeling’ today. It is wonderful to see our children enjoying coming to school.


Just a reminder that lessons for the whole school start at 9:00AM. Please ensure your child/children are in class by this time to access the whole lesson. I cannot emphasise enough how lateness affects learning.

Flu Immunisation

We have the County Immunisation Team visiting on Tuesday 7th December to administer the flu vaccine. Please read the email sent by Mrs Gordge this week and complete the link to consent or not consent to your child/children having the immunisation.

Swimming at St George’s

We are absolutely delighted with the swimming at St George’s. The children are really enjoying their lessons! We do ask parents and carers for a voluntary contribution of £10 a term per child (£30 a year) for the swimming we offer. The money pays for the upkeep of the pool and any necessary improvements that are needed. This past year has seen us invest in a new motorised pool cover.


SORT CODE: 30-98-45




While all schools may receive Capital Grants for building works, Voluntary Aided schools receive only 90% of these grants and for the grant to be spent the Governors of the school have to raise the other 10%. We do this by building up a ‘Governors Fund’. The Governors raise the money for this fund in two ways. One is profits made from lettings and hire of school facilities and the other is through parent contributions, which has historically gone by the name of the ‘Amenities Fund’. Whilst this is a voluntary contribution of £10 per family per term, we ask parents to give to the school. The Governors Fund also contributes to many of the ‘little extras’ we like to provide for the children, such as school outings, educational visits, WOW assembly’s etc.



 SORT CODE: 30-98-45

 ACCOUNT NUMBER - 02887152


After School Club in the Busy Room

Just a reminder to all parents and carers that the children are given a snack by the school at our after school club and it is not necessary to send the children in with a snack.

The School Chaplains

I had the pleasure of observing an assembly led by our Year Five Chaplains this week. They were absolutely brilliant and spoke clearly and confidently about prayer corners in our school.

Lunch Bunch

Our Chair of Governors, Helen Mac Connell  joined me this week and back in October to speak to the Year Six children about Well-Being and the challenges we have faced these past years. We were both so impressed and incredibly proud of how the children spoke. They were so mature and thoughtful.

Covid Guidance

I wanted to add a reminder about Covid symptoms and what to do if you or your child are a close contact.

  •          Please keep children at home and get them tested if they have a new persistent cough, a fever or loss of taste or smell- remember a lot of cases in children are asymptomatic and they do not show any symptoms other than a slight cold or runny nose/upset stomach so please do get them PCR tested if in any doubt. (see below for more information)
  •          Please avoid remaining in the playground or car park, after school. 
  •          Please ensure you wear a mask when entering the school lobby to speak with office staff.

The information regarding what happens if you/your child are a close contact, is as follows:

  1.        Someone in the household/class tests positive via PCR Test
  2.        All close contacts then need to book a PCR test
  3.        Whilst waiting for PCR result-  all to do LFT tests daily-(this is at the discretion of the parents of young age children, but please be aware that this is how asymptomatic cases can spread the virus unknowingly)
  4.        If negative LFT and NO symptoms at all - child can return to school
  5.        If negative PCR and NO symptoms at all - child may attend school 
  6.        If unwell but negative LFT and PCR still stay at home until well again. 

If a member of your family tests positive please notify the school immediately. When contacted by track and trace it is important that you name the school and give our postcode – TA1 3NR.

Have you heard about our Open Door collection?

 The season of Advent is fast approaching, and the St George’s School Chaplains would, once again, like to prepare a box of items to donate to the Open Door charity to support Taunton’s homeless.

A letter will be going home next week with a list of items needed by the charity so please watch out for this so you can plan what you would like to donate.


Please can we ask that your child brings any donations to school between these days: Monday 29th November - Wednesday 1st December. There will be collection boxes in each class. We will then deliver the donations to the Open Door on the Thursday.

Thank you in advance for your support.

School Tea-Towels

A huge thank you to Debbie Browne and Kayleigh Joyce for giving up their time to put together the design of our 2021 Christmas Tea Towel. All the children in the school have completed a self-portrait and these are included on the tea towel. They will be selling at a cost of £4 each. Please complete the order form (sent out on Friday 12th November) and return to the school with the correct money to guarantee your tea towel in time for Christmas.

Best Wishes


Mark Braund