Newsletter 3 December 2021


3rd December 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

The whole school have made decorations and they are hanging beautifully throughout the hall. Mr Davies and I put them up throughout the week. Mr Davies chose to put the Reception Class glitter stars up. After putting them up he had just as much glitter on him as the stars! 

We also were delighted to have Mr Hanratty join Class 6 this morning for a Maths Challenge morning. We asked if he would be happy to hang a blue bauble on the school tree and he was delighted to.

I really enjoyed reading a Christmas story to the whole of KS1 in the sports Hall on Wednesday. The children at St George’s are an absolute joy! The story I read was ‘The Empty Stocking’ by Richard Curtis and Rebecca Cobb. Gracie and James Braund absolutely love this and I would recommend it.

If you are looking for other Christmas story recommendations have a look below:



The Christmasaurus: Tom Fletcher's timeless picture book adventure by Tom Fletcher (This is a picture book version for younger children.

Greg the Sausage Roll: Santa's Little Helper by Mark and Roxanne Hoyle

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr Seuss


The Christmas Carrolls by Mel Taylor-Bessent

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street by Catherine Doyle

The Christmas Pig by J K Rowling


The rest of this newsletter is reminders as we are aware of how crazy busy this time of year is and hope this will help.

KS2 children - Monday 6th December

Please can ALL KS2 children come to school in their PE kit on Monday 6th December. We would also like them to bring their swimming things as well. They are having a morning of sporting activities and in the afternoon will be watching a production. Usually Image Theatre would come into school but like last year, they have recorded it and children will enjoy it in their classrooms.


Have you ordered the Christmas dinner?

Wednesday 8th December is the deadline to order the Christmas dinner for your child/children. Christmas dinner day is on Thursday 16th December.


Did you know we are having two Christmas jumper days?

We are having two Christmas jumper days this year. Children are invited to wear jumpers on both Thursday 9th and Thursday 16th December.


We are still taking orders for Tea Towels and selling Raffle Tickets until the end of next week


KS2 Carol Service

The KS2 Carol Service will be pre-recorded again this year. Parents and carers will be sent an email when it is uploaded onto Google Classroom. It will be towards the end of the final week of term.

End of Term Mass

the end of term Mass will be on Thursday 16th December. Class Six children will go to St George’s Church and the rest of the school will join the service through live stream.

Back to School

The start of the spring term is on Tuesday 4th January.

Take care everyone and have a restful weekend.

Best Wishes


Mr Braund