Newsletter 9th July 2021


9th July 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

The school year has flown by once again! The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson announced on Tuesday 6th July an end to School Bubbles and staggered start and finish times on Monday 19th July. However, although schools can continue to do this for the remainder of the academic year, we have made the decision to keep the class bubbles in place for the remaining 5 days, especially as we have had to close three classes within the last few weeks. The thought of any more isolations causes me much worry and I want to ensure the whole school community starts the holidays without any more cases.

Mrs Crocker

Mrs Crocker will be reducing her working hours from September to four days a week. Mrs Earp will be covering Class Two on a Friday.

Mrs Potter

Mrs Potter will be training to be a teacher at St George’s from September. Mrs Potter will be working alongside Mrs Earp in Class Four.

How will the school year look in 2021/22?

I am hoping that the information below gives you as much information as you possibly need for the start of the new school year. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you do have any queries.

Plans for September 2021

 Academic Calendar 2021/22

We have attached the dates for the 2021/22 Academic Year. The key dates for you to put in your diaries are:

Monday 6th September 2021 – INSET DAY

Tuesday 7th September 2021 – Start of the School Year

Thursday 21st October – End of Autumn Term 1

Friday 22nd October – INSET DAY

Monday 1st November – Start of Autumn Term 2

Friday 17th December – End of Autumn Term 2

Tuesday 4th January – Start of Spring Term 1

Friday 18th February – End of Spring Term 1

Monday 28th February – Start of Spring Term 2

Friday 8th April – End of Spring Term 2

Monday 25th April – Start of Summer Term 1

Friday 27th May – End of Summer Term 1

Monday 6th June – INSET Day

Tuesday 7th June – Start of Summer Term 2

Friday 22nd July – End of Summer Term 2

Monday 25th July – INSET Day

Tuesday 26th July – INSET Day

The calendar is also available on the website under PARENTS, TERM DATES.


The teaching staff will all be remaining in their current year groups for the next academic year.

At this stage we are tentatively planning for a return to normality but as we all know, these plans could change.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will return to the Busy Room from 7:45am. A breakfast will also be provided for early arrivals.

Wake and Shake

Wake and Shake will return to the Sports Hall from 8:40am. Children can be dropped off at this time for 10 minutes of fitness.

The Start of the School Day

The school day will start with our doors opening for all children at 8:50am. All children need to be in school for this time.

Break Times

Break times will be at 11:00am for all classes and no longer be in Class Bubbles. KS2 children have playtime on the back playground and KS1 have playtime on the side playground.

Lunch Time

Lunch time will return to 12:20pm for all until 1:30pm.

End of the School Day

The end of the school day will return to 3:30pm for all. We are looking at how we can ensure a quicker departure for all cars from the premises.

After School Clubs and Mr C’s Clubs

After school club will return to the Busy Room from 3:30pm-5:30pm. A snack will be provided from 4:30pm. The plan is for the first hour to have a theme such as art and craft, forest school etc and for the second hour to focus on quieter activities such as homework and reading.


School Uniform

All children will be expected to wear the St George’s uniform and return to wearing school shoes. Children will continue to wear St George’s PE kit on their PE days.


Assemblies will return to the hall on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A short Tuesday worship/reflection will take place in classes.

Parental Access to the School

Parents will need to go to the School Office for any enquiries at the start of the school day. The school premises will continue to be kept locked for safeguarding and security reasons. Class Teachers are on the playground at the end of the school day. Parents will need to book an appointment with the class teacher (if it something that needs a little longer to discuss.) They can also email the class teacher. Please can all parents be mindful that class teachers will not be able to reply over a weekend or in the evenings.

The School Car Park

In the mornings, parents can park up (reverse) on our car park playground. They can drop their child/children at our morning wake and shake at 8:40am.

When parking in the morning, cars must not be left unoccupied in the central drive through on the car park playground as it causes unnecessary hold ups for others.

At the end of the school day, once the car park spaces are filled, we allow parents to park in the central drive through but these parents/carers must stand by their cars and the children will be brought to you. Previously, we have found if a parent/carers leaves a car unattended it inevitably holds up the entire school community.

I will be posting videos on our school website explaining this. Please take the time to watch the videos.

Best Wishes


Mark Braund