Newsletter 15/11/2019


November 2019

15th November 2019



Dear Parents and Carers,


It has certainly got a lot colder these past days! Thank you for sending the children wrapped up in warm coats. Please can you make sure that all clothing has your child’s name on it.


Ordering for School Meals Online


We are aiming to switch to online ordering and payment of school meals in January. This should make the system so much easier. We aim to put a link on our school website which will take you to the ordering and payment website. Mrs Gordge and I have met with our caterers and they have used it at other schools and the system has worked really well. It is absolutely vital that parents and carers ensure that orders are made before the required deadline. More information will be sent out soon.


Car Parking


Thank you again for your ongoing support with drop offs and collections at the school. On the whole, it is so much better than how it used to be. I did receive an email from a resident at Nunsfield Court asking that when cars are coming out of the Church Car Park that they don’t block the road and just wait until there is a space on the KS1 playground/car park. I have included a photo below of times when the road is blocked.


Can I please ask that all parents and carers try and park as best as possible so that more cars can be on the playground.



Children in Need


Just a reminder that we have non-school uniform day on Friday 15th November in support of Children in Need. Please can the children bring in some money to spend at playtime on the stalls that Class Four are organizing.


School Christmas Fayre


Just a reminder that we have non-school uniform day on Friday 22nd November in exchange for a bottle or some chocolate for the tombola at the Christmas Fayre.


School Christmas Dinner Day


The next three week cycle of school meal orders will be sent out soon and this will include the very popular Christmas dinner on Thursday 19th December. Please make sure you look out for the order forms to book the Christmas dinner.


Long Hair


Please can I remind parents and carers that it is school policy that children with long hair come to school with it tied back. There have been cases of head lice and long hair can also get in the way when children are writing in lessons.


Best Wishes



Mark Braund