School Closure Update


19th March 2020

                                                                                                                              19 March 2020



Dear Parents & Carers






Following the government announcement that was issued yesterday, we were hoping to be able to give you further information and some clarification regarding the children who would still be eligible to attend school from Monday. However, we are still awaiting information from central Government with regards to the definition of Key Workers. What we can tell you is that it is likely to be a very limited service for a small number of children.



To be eligible, both parents will need to fall into one of these categories for a place to be made available.  Where only one parent is a key worker, the expectation is that the other parent will provide childcare. 



From Monday 23rd March, we believe pupils in the following categories may be eligible to take up a child care place at the school:



1. Children who have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)


2. Children who have a social worker and children in care


3. Children whose parents are ‘key workers’; presently, we believe this is supermarket delivery drivers, NHS staff and police.



If your child meets criteria 1 or 2 on the above list, we will be contacting you to discuss the arrangements in place for your child.



If both of you are key workers and you require a child care place, we urgently need you to telephone the school office. We would like to stress that if only one parent is a key worker, then the expectation is that the other parent will look after their child. In order to minimize risk to both children and staff, it is important that there are only a small number of children in school.



Yours sincerely



Mr Mark Braund