Newsletter 24 September 2021


24th September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of September! The children are really settled and happy and enjoying their education at St George’s. As I walked through hall on Thursday lunchtime Christabel had great pleasure in showing me how to count to ten in Australian and Scarlet proceeded to show me how to count to ten in Spanish! Wonderful and just lovely to see these magical moments on a daily basis.


Did the children tell you about our Start of Term Mass?

I was completely blown away by the respect shown by the children throughout the Start of Term Mass. Father David was really impressed with the whole school and it was wonderful to be back at St George’s Church. The first time in over 600 days! Special praise to our KS1 children who have never really experienced a whole school Mass.

I noticed the children were very quiet with the responses during the Mass. Our younger children also needed support with the sign of the cross. I will be covering these during assemblies but would appreciate your help with this as well.

Have you heard of our Wow Assemblies?

Wow assemblies have returned to St George’s School. Every half term we have a Wow assembly to inspire the whole school. Mrs Earp led our latest one on speaking and listening. The children and staff loved every minute and Mrs Earp was absolutely brilliant! Please ask your children about the Wow Assembly.

When will the Harvest Festival be?

We will be having two Harvest Festivals this year at St George’s Church on Tuesday 19th October. KS1 Harvest Festival will be at 1.45pm followed by the KS2 Harvest Festival at 2.30pm.  Parents and carers are invited to join us.

Did you spot the highlighted letter last week?

Just a reminder that in a bid to ensure all parents and carers are reading the newsletters we have added an incentive!

We email a newsletter to all families every Friday and we aim to update you with as much information as we possibly can. Every newsletter will have one letter or two letters highlighted to make up an anagram and at the end of every term parents will be asked to hand in the anagram puzzle to the office and a lucky entry will be picked out of a hat to receive one free club session and a treat for the children in the family.

Do you shop at Morrisons?

If you are a Morrisons customer we would be extremely grateful if you could collect the ‘Good to Grow’ vouchers to enable us to receive free gardening equipment. For more information please visit:


Will there be a Christmas Fayre?

We have taken the decision to repeat the whole school Christmas Raffle instead of a Christmas Fayre this year as we want to continue to limit the amount of people coming onto the school premises. More information will be in a future newsletter.

Best Wishes


Mark Braund