Spelling and Grammar

The Story of Spelling and Grammar at St George’s


In KS1 we have a rigorous Little Wandle synthetic phonics  in place and children learn sounds linked to the scheme. In Class 1 we have operated a reading / spelling challenge in past years to encourage children to learn high frequency words alongside this phonic programme. In Class 1 home spellings and vocabulary will be sent home  in the summer term.


By Class 2,  the children are using the Head Start Spelling Scheme which operates a four week learning cycle to review sets of spellings to ensure good recall. The scheme is used from Class 2 through to Class 6 for consistency. Spelling is taught in school and touched upon throughout the week. Spellings  are learned at home and shared on GDocs and there are activity sheets which ask the children to learn meanings and look for patterns. Children are tested  either weekly or after the four week cycle depending on the needs of the cohort and how the teacher wants to operate the system. This system is new and was selected in response to pupil and parent feedback.



Grammar is taught in EYFS and Class 1 through the modelling of sentence writing and through succinct marking.


Grammar is taught in a combination of ways from Class 2 onwards. There are planned, stand alone, grammar lessons and it is also taught through a Head Start or through Deepening Understanding resources. Literacy and Language also embeds grammar teaching in the year group through a text context so that grammar can be seen in action. Grammar points are continually revised through the curriculum. In addition, there are in class or homework grammar sheets to reinforce the learning. All of the Head Start materials are differentiated.


The Interim Standards writing assessment sheets ask for evidence of grammar attainment. Grammar targets can be made through analysing the gaps in writing, Planning of specific weak areas in grammar within cohorts can come from the assessment of writing.


Deepening Understanding has a grammar teaching boards. In addition there are daily grammar morning slides. This tool can be used as daily revision or as an introduction of a grammar point for Head Start.


Grammar points are highlighted in whole class shared text or guided reading time and through the teaching of writing,