Mission statement

At St George's Catholic School we help all our children to grow in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.
The school aims:
  • to provide a broad and balanced curriculum based in a Catholic, Christian setting where we are led by the Spirit of Christ. We believe that "Children and young people should be helped to develop harmoniously their physical, moral and intellectual qualities."

                                                                                               VATICAN II


  • to make prayer, worship and liturgy real educational experiences and to contribute successfully to the development of the faith of each individual in the school community.
  • to provide an environment in which children can grow in understanding and in the acquisition of skills, knowledge, attitude and values for life.
  • to participate in and encourage interaction between the home, parish and school. We believe that it is important that common aims be established and developed in a climate of mutual trust and openness. Home, parish and school must together provide preparation for the pupil's entry into the wider community.
  • to develop within each child a respect for themself and their achievements and a respect and understanding of others.