Class 2

Welcome to Class 2.
This term we are learning about;
Other religions in our RE lessons.
Electricity in our Science lessons.
Online safety and publishing work in our computing lessons.
Florence Nightingale in our History lessons.
We have been learning about hundreds, tens and ones in our maths lessons.
Some of the children have been creating a fairy garden outside our classroom with Mrs Tigh.
The children are learning to control the Pro-bots. We used the pro-bots to draw different 2D shapes.
Habitats - 
"We have been looking for different kinds of birds for the RSPB birdwatch" - Alfie.
"We have been making bird feeders and bird cakes to encourage birds to our wildlife area" - Layla.
"We have made bug houses to find out what insects live in our nature area". - Pranay.
"We have visiting the nature area a couple of times a week". - Chloe H.
"We made bird feeders out of lolly pop sticks but...the squirrels attacked them and bit them!" - Lizzie.
"Class 2 have been doing lots of activities in the nature area. I want to say a big thank you to Miss Gabler and all the adults who take us down there." - Mollie.
"We have loved going to the nature area." - Natalia.
"Thank you for the teachers who have been helping us." - Chloe C.
Shiver me timbers!!
Look at all our scary Class 2 pirates! 
I can't wait to read the finished writing, can you?
Pete the Poet came to visit us to tell us some stories from around the world. We had great fun joining in!
We had a fire safety talk at school. We learnt the 'stop, drop and roll' technique. Ask your child to show you! 
How often should you check your fire alarms?
We've been busy looking at multiples of 2's, 5's and 10's. 
We have spent time counting, sorting and comparing.
Can you use 2 p's, 5 p's and 10 p's to count at home?
Wow!! We have been having a lot of fun and getting creative using the Scratch Junior app! Mrs Price has also let us borrow a game that Class 5 created using Scratch. Did you know that you can control a computer game with satsumas?!
Useful Information for Class 2.
The children have been making slides and ladders maths games with Mrs Harding. We hope you enjoy playing them when they come home.
We have been thinking about keeping safe online. We follow our e-safety rules to keep us and others around us happy and safe.
We went on a sports trip to Bishop Fox's to learn different skills. We had a really lovely day in the sunshine!
We have been growing beans as part of our Jack and the Beanstalk topic.
1st March 2017.
We have had a small Mass in school for Ash Wednesday. The children in Class 2 did a wonderful job in helping to lead the service.
We celebrated 'World Book Day' in our pj's!
We enjoyed reading lots of stories and completed some activities.
Pranay - We brought in a cuddly toy and our favourite book. I liked Mr Hanratty's bedtime story.
Majka - I enjoyed wearing my pj's to school as I was very comfy!
Lizzie - On world book day we brought our favourite books in to school and we wore our pj's!
Our 'Great Thinker' trophy!
Each day a different child is picked for doing some great thinking!
We went to our new lodge in the wildlife area for a story. Can you think of any other ways that we can use our wonderful new area? Come and let the teachers know!
We have been learning about The Great Fire of London in our History lessons.