At St. George’s Catholic school, our vision is to provide all pupils with an engaging and interesting Science curriculum. Children should be given opportunities to investigate their own ideas and build on the knowledge that they have of the world around them. We want children to be curious and teachers to facilitate children in following their curiosity.


Our aim is for both pupils and teachers to enjoy this subject. We want to make new discoveries in the classroom that surprise and intrigue us all. Through practical experiments, we want children to gain more knowledge and understanding of scientific processes.


Through school trips, use of the nature area and external visitors, it is our ambition for children to increase their science capital and engage in Science in school, at home and in further education.



We intend for all pupils to:


  • Have good scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of all areas of the Science curriculum.
  • Use practical investigations to develop this knowledge understanding.
  • Have a good understanding of key scientific vocabulary and be able to use this in their work across the curriculum.
  • Use investigations to generate further questions.
  • Develop skills in working scientifically including: asking questions; making predictions; setting up tests; observing and measuring; recording data; interpreting and communicating results and evaluating.
  • Relate their scientific knowledge and understanding to the world around them and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to other areas of the curriculum.
  • Progress and build upon their scientific knowledge, skills and understanding from previous year groups.
  • Understand and accept their responsibility as Catholics to be stewards of creation by understanding and taking an interest in the natural world.