Modern Foreign Languages

The children learn in a fun and interactive way through songs and games and a range of listening and reading activities. 
The scheme we use is: La Jolie Ronde 
The children cover a wide range of topics : from greetings, numbers, food and colours in Year 3  to  an in-depth description of their home and a narration of 'The Snowman' in Year 6. 
At St George's we teach Modern Foreign Languages to children from Year 3 to Year 6. 
The children learn a range of vocabulary and grammar. They are able to read, listen, speak and write in the language. 
The lesson is taught by an HLTA , Mrs Potter, and monitored by Mrs Earp. 
The children have half hour lessons from Years 3 to Year 5 and an hour's lesson in readiness for secondary school in Year 6.