We have run a Guardian Book Club group in school. Children met to review books and published their reviews on line.
You will be able to see some of our e book reviews on this site.
We have a school blog.

We also have a regular Poetry Step recital in assemblies.
We hold Extreme Reading events. 

Children are encouraged to learn and recite a poem in front of the whole school.

Mrs Earp will be running a Library Club in our new school libraries. We appoint Librarians as Reading Ambassadors. Our library is digitally catalogued and loans are banded and reviewed. 
We subscribe to Bug Club on line and we have Big Cat Collins on line reading subscription to support the teaching of phonics and early reading. 

We shadowThe Carnegie Award.
We have had an Authorfy Club. 
We have taken part in the Hay Festival on line. 
We host Book Breakfasts and Book Tasting events to encourage children to read and discuss new texts. 
We give out Golden Tickets with termly prizes to reward reading. 
We regularly Tweet about reading. 
We are members of a reading hub and collaborate with local schools to foster a love of reading across the town. 
We are members of The Somerset Literacy Network. 
We are Gold Level subscribers to Resources for Learning.
We host a Shakespeare Week in one class each year. 
We invite in a travelling production company each year so that the children can watch a play live in school. 
We invite in authors and take part in author events at the library and on line. 
We take part in the Ovid in the West Country competition to foster a love of reading classics. 
We have a Debating Club. 
We host two school productions each year plus many events within the religious calendar which require our children to speak publicly and read to a large audience. 
We participate in inter school Spelling Bees. 
We have pen pals. 
We form reading buddy partnerships with other primary schools and with our network of secondary schools. 
We subscribe to First News and have a newspaper stand which is regularly updates. 
We take part in competitions to encourage our children to write and recite. 
We have a teachers' Book Club. 
We have an online Book Club on GDocs. 
We subscribe to Bug Club so that children can read on line.
We invest in quality Reading Logs to demonstrate the value that we place on home reading. We 'Tweet' great examples of Reading Logs to celebrate home reading. We reward home reading with Golden Tickets. 
Our Reading Logs encourage children to learn, collect and use great words, phrases and settings.
We love the useful phrases in this book that parents can use as a model for writing in Reading Logs.
Some of our Extreme Reading moments !
We use the Nelson handwriting font as our handwriting model. Below are examples of all of the joins.
Beautiful handwriting is celebrated through displays and children are awarded a Pen Licence when they display a competence for handwriting. 
2016 Spelling Bee Winners!
Our Twitter Account is @StGeorgesTauntn
Read Book Reviews written by children at the school at: