Online Safety Updates

Connect with Respect
While we are all using the internet to keep in touch with each other and complete our schoolwork, it is very important to remember our online safety lessons!
The person that you are communicating with cannot see your face, so choose your words carefully so that all messages are KIND, HELPFUL, POSITIVE and NECESSARY.
Our G-suite is a closed system, everything you post can only be seen by members of our school. However, if you are watching YouTube videos or using other online resources remember to protect your personal information and keep yourselves safe.
If you see ANYTHING that upsets you, tell an adult IMMEDIATELY.
Stay safe and well everyone :0)
Our friends at eLIM have been working with our other friends at SASPSomerset to create a diary which you can fill in with your family to ensure a healthy lifestyle. It will help you to think about balancing screen time with exercise, good nutrition and other activities.
You can download and print the diary from the link below. 
Digital Literacy - Fake News!
It is always important to be discerning about the information you read on the web, at times of crisis this becomes even more important than ever. Try some of these excellent resources from BBC Bitesize to help you decide whether the information you read is FACT or FAKE!
ThinkUKnow Jessie and Friends Videos
CEOP have released a series of videos for you to watch with your children, to enable the start of conversations about online safety. The earlier that you can begin to have conversations with your children, the better. It can be difficult to start the conversation after something has gone wrong online, because children may be worried that they are going to get into trouble - having open conversations early should encourage your child to ask for help if something unexpected or unpleasant happens to them online.
Watch the videos by clicking on this link:
Online Safety Presentation March 2019
Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who attended the online safety presentation on 12th March.
The presentation by Julia Briggs from eLIM was praised by many attendees. 

Parents realised that there was no great mystery to ensuring their children’s online safety. It was simply a matter of good parenting; setting family rules, deciding where children could go and where they would not be allowed, enjoying family participation in activities and engaging in ongoing conversations about the “digital world” – just as they do in the real world! Additionally, Julia supported the school in raising awareness of adding parental restrictions to online devices and alerting parents to the current areas of concern.

We will upload as many useful resources as we can on this page, to help you keep your children safe online.
Parents vs Kids Interactive Quiz
Have fun whilst learning about online safety by playing this Parents vs Kids Online Safety Quiz which has been created by O2 and the NSPCC!
Social Media Use
Vodafone in association with Andersen Press have produced an online version of Goldilocks - a modern twist on the classic fairy tale which offers a fun and accessible way for parents to discuss responsible social media use with their younger children. It highlight the dangers of oversharing selfies and chasing after "likes" in a lighthearted way. We will use this resource in online safety lessons in school.