In History we place events and eras on time lines and learn about change over time. We learn about events across the world at certain points in history. We compare and contrast eras in history. 
Class 4 make Roman shields and learn how to fight like a Roman soldier. 
We turned our sports hall into a school Museum. We brought in artifacts and filled it to the brim with our knowledge!
We try to find opportunities to write well in history. Please see these examples of super writing. 
We study topics such as: 
The Great Fire of London, The Ancient Greeks, The Romans, The Stone Age, The Mayans, The Ancient Egyptians. We also study local history and the change in our local area over time. 
We regularly take visits to Taunton Museum and we have visitors from the Museum in to speak to us. We like to order in boxes of artifacts so that we can learn through looking and doing as well as through reading. 
We have class trips and history days in and out of school.
Class 3 all dressed up as Ancient Egyptians and ate Egyptian food!
Class 6 visits the SS Great Britain to learn more about The Victorians.