Parking at St George's for drop off and pick up

Road Safety and Parking at St George’s Catholic School


We appreciate that the mornings and afternoons can be very busy but also feel we are very fortunate to have the playground that we are able to use as a car park.

We expect all parents and carers to follow the school’s directions when dropping off in the morning and collecting at the end of the day.

We expect  that all drivers be mindful of speed and be extra vigilant and aware of pedestrians. We have families that walk to school and we want to ensure the safety for all of our children and families.

We expect all parents and carers to be supportive and understanding of the role of our caretaker when reminding us all of our duty of care. Mr Davies and Mr Braund are simply making sure that everyone is safe. There are times when Mr Davies may face the frustrations of parents and carers and  we hope that everybody understands the vital role they have. Mr Davies does not need to be outside the school in the mornings and afternoons. He is there to ensure everyone is safe. There are very few occasions when Mr Davies and Mr Braund are not outside and it is particularly those days when drivers take advantage and leave cars with no consideration of others.

It is really important that everyone follows the one-way route which takes you down the side of the school and into the KS1 playground and back up through the staff car park. We have included photos to hopefully clarify understanding.

There are times when parents and carers choose to ignore our one-way route and this causes congestion. It also causes much concern with residents at Nunsfield Court. Nunsfield Court is housing for retired people. There is frustration at times from some residents who have spoken about parents and carers driving onto the premises to turn their cars around. There are signs prohibiting this but these signs are ignored.

We all want the children and families to arrive and leave safely and yet there are some drivers that are choosing to ignore this so that they can save a few minutes.


Please can parents and carers remain in cars facing the one way route. School staff will remain with the children on the playground until you are able to park up on the KS1 playground.


Please do not leave cars or wait on single yellow lines or the zig zags. We have a traffic warden who regularly visits the area and he has highlighted this concern.


We have double yellow lines outside the main gates to the school. This must be left clear during drop off and pick-up to prevent congestion.


Here are our 5 Steps to pick up at the end of a day:

1) Use the one-way system. Do not turn around in the church or Nunsfield Court.


2) Wait in your car until you are safely on the playground. The staff will stay with your child/children.


3) Please pick up as quick as possible to allow other parents to park on the playground.


4) Drive sensibly and slowly when near and on the school premises.


5) Be considerate to all drivers and pedestrians!


We put leaflets on cars that continue to break these rules as our aim will always be to make the school a safe place for all.


We really appreciate your support and understanding with this. It is our aim to ensure that all children and families are safe. There can at times be delays in the car park but the safety of all must always come first.