The St George's Passport

The St George’s Passport


The St George’s Passport is inspired by the National Trust initiative. We want to give our children 42 experiences before they leave us and move onto their chosen secondary school. We wonder what new passion it will ignite!


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Go cloud watching


Bake bread

Make a hat

Go on a spring walk

Complete a bug hunt

Travel on a bus

Year 1

Design and make a fruit smoothie


Make a Victorian toy

Go on a (pretend!) polar adventure


some seeds

Make an animal out of clay

Visit our local beach

Year 2

Create pictures using leaves


Make a bug house

Visit a castle

Learn to identify different trees

Create a stop frame animation

Toast marshmallows

Year 3

Visit the beach and paint like Cezanne

Make a cushion

Learn to play a song on the recorder

Explore the museum and discover the Low Ham mosaic

Write a mystery story with the help of the local police

Visit the woods and become inspired by nature

Year 4

Be a Steward of creation and litter pick for a month


Learn to play a Christmas song on a ukulele

Learn to sew on a button

Learn a Shakespearean quote and perform Shakespeare 

Find the source of a river

( and then walk the route ) 

Pitch a tent as a team 

Year 5

Design and build a boat that will float

Use sewing skills to make something

Enter a competition

Get lost in a maze

Run a tuck shop to raise money for a chosen charity


Learn to read a map and use a compass

Year 6

Design and program a computer game



Try food from other countries

Organise a sporting event for younger children to raise money

Make an item of clothing

Light a fire

Perform to a live audience