To see what is being covered in each class throughput the year please see the yearly curriculum planner on your Class Page. 
Years 4 and 5 learn about Africa and Europe. We spend lots of time looking at world maps and learning where countries, mountains, rivers, deserts and capital cities are. 
In Year 5 the children have the chance to develop their map work skills through an orienteering day at Norton Manor Camp. 
They further develop this skill at Pinkery in Year 6 with an orienteering morning. 
The Year 6 Pinkery Residential is a week-long Geography, Science and History field trip. 
During the week we study rivers and the impact of flooding, moorland habitats, examine how landscape features are formed and discuss the changing landscape over time.
The week is the basis of our geographical learning for the term. When complete a project while we are there and write up our findings upon our return. 
At St George's we value outdoor learning and linking skills throughout the curriculum. 
In Year 3 map work is taught in conjunction with history through learning about The Egyptians and The Vikings. The location, climate and topography of the localities are studied whilst learning about the civilization. 
We like to use atlases as often as possible so that children develop the skills to use them. 
In Year 3 and Year 6 children study and make maps of the local area. 
In Year 6 the children look at the changing landscape of Taunton over time through a local land use study. The children study historical maps and make sketches of the local area.