Starting School


                            If you were not able to attend yesterday (Wednesday 23rd June) then please come today if you can between 4.00 p.m and 5.00 p.m for your child to meet Mrs Weetch and to ask any questions.             

Dear Parents/Carers
As you will know the restrictions for Covid are still in place. This unfortunately means that we have had to change our plans. 
We are very sorry but the children's visits to school will now not be allowed to take place. We are very disappointed that we cannot have the children come to visit us in the classroom but the guidelines say that we should not be mixing groups of children.
On Wednesday 23rd June there will still be an opportunity to meet Mrs Weetch and Mrs Bullock if you have any queries/questions. This will take place outside the Reception Class and you may come anytime between 4.00 and 5.15. If it rains we have a small undercover area so this might mean that you have to wait until there is a space.
To keep numbers manageable, and within Government guidelines, we are asking that only parents/carers who are new to the school and do not have older children currently in the school attend on this day. We also ask that only one parent attends. You may wish to bring your child to meet Mrs Weetch as we cannot hold the visits in school.
Parents/Carers who have older children in school may come between 4.00 and 5.00 on Thursday 24th June if you have any questions/queries and for your child to meet Mrs Weetch. Once again, please visit with only one parent.
To keep within our risk assessment parents/carers must keep a distance from staff and from other parents. The children must also keep their distance and stay with you please. 
We will continue to put information on the Starting School page of the website.
Please respond to this email to let us know whether you will be able attend and to let us know if you have received your starting school pack. 
Best Wishes
Mark Braund