Class 5

Welcome to Class 5...
... bring your love of learning and
a positive mindset!
Class 5 really enjoyed the Science WOW and learning with Mr. G.
Each week Year 5 children need to:
  • Learn their spellings (a copy will be posted online each week);
  • Complete the tasks set on Mathletics (see link above);
  • Read everyday and record in Reading Logs;
  • Complete activities in Reading Logs;
  • Read books set on Bug Club (see link above).
13.01.17 This week, have a go at the Science Materials game.
20.01.17 Have a look at the BBC Scientific Terrific Website to research the experiment we will carry out next week!
27.01.17 No Maths homework this week. Instead, complete the Tudor Monarch Biography Research.
03.03.17 Mathletics homework this week. Also write a Fact File about Isaac Newton.
10.03.17 Mathletics homework as well as spellings and a Literacy sheet - 'Our Hobbies' and 'Word Swapping'.
21.04.17 Mathletics, spellings, and reading comprehension assessment (Year 5 Term 3) Orpheus.

There are several Maths games to play on Abacus:

No Mathletics this week, complete the Reasoning Test instead (you don’t have to do it as a test though!);

Complete Reading Comprehension on Overlooking the River Stour (Use the 'Year 5 Reading Assessment Pack' link below.
16.06.17Science- Healthy Eating Plate.
Reading, spellings, Mathletics and Bug Club.
23.06.17 - Spellings, Mathletics and a book set on Bug Club which needs to be finished by Friday.
30,06.17 - Spellings, Mathletics and reading.  You need to learn a poem to perform to the class by next Friday or the Friday after. The poem can be performed with others or on your own in any language!
Spellings, Mathletics and reading. If you have not preformed your poem, you must have one ready to perform on Thursday or Friday.
Science - complete the sheets on E numbers. Look around your cupboards at home and write about what you find on the sheet. A copy is below this link.
Class 5 did their Maths lesson in the Wild Area to solve problems on a treasure map.
Class 5 develop lots of skills in Computing lessons. These photos were taken during Hour of Code week. The Minecraft coding activity was very popular.
Happy New Year! 
This term in RE, we are learning about Jesus' mission, how it can inspire us and others, and how the Diocese carries on that mission today.
In History, we are learning about The Tudors. From Henry VIII and his six wives, to Elizabeth and her 45 year reign, it should prove to be an interesting topic. We will also be linking our Art lessons to the Tudors this half-term.
In Science, the topic we are learning about is 'Changing States'. Be sure to ask yur child about the experiments they are undertaking!
E- Safety and Blogging are this term's focuses for ICT lessons, and we are encouraging you and your child to stay safe by restricting the amount of personal information you reveal online. 
In RE, we are thinking about Jesus' mission, how he spread the word of God's love and taught us a better way to live. We are also thinking about how others have been inspired by His message. Pope Francis took great inspiration from the scripture Jesus read out in the Synagogue as a child (Isaiah 61, Verses 1 + 2) outlining His mission. We found we could make links from this scripture to the thinking behind the Year of Mercy. In considering how we can be inspired by both Jesus and Pope Francis, we 'freeze-framed' our ideas on how we can follow Jesus' teachings in our everyday lives.
Class 5 went to Bath University and took part in 'Cool Aeronautics Day', run by the Royal Aeronautical Society. Class 5 spent the day with Engineers designing aeroplanes, listening to talks, making parachutes and exploring the University's engineering facilities including wind tunnels and giant ovens!