Digital Leaders

On Wednesday lunchtimes throughout the first summer half-term, Digital Leaders from Classes 1 and 3 have collaborated to produce this excellent e-safety video about the importance of creating strong passwords for internet enabled toys. The Class 3 children are becoming expert in LEGO stop frame animation and are sharing their skills with younger children.
 Safer Internet Day February 2018
We (the Class 3 Digital Leaders) created a drama presentation about cyber-bullying. We performed it to the whole school at an assembly. We were quite nervous and excited. Afterwards lots of people said that our presentation was really good and it helped them understand what to do if they are bullied. This made us feel very happy and we look forward to presenting other e-Safety messages in future.
C, E, F, J, L & N
To further develop the IT skills of children and adults in our school, we have designated Digital Leaders in each class from Year 2 upwards. These are children who have expressed a keen interest during Computing lessons and who are confident and sensible in their use of the different technology we have within our school.
Digital leaders help their classmates during computing lessons, assist staff with setting up and tidying away equipment and meet weekly to work on special projects such as producing online safety resources, filming stop-frame animations etc. 
During Spring Term 2017 our youngest Digital Leaders (Year 2) have been working on a stop-frame Lego animation of "Jack and the Beanstalk". They have spent every Wednesday lunchtime, working collaboratively to develop their skills and produce a wonderful movie. They will be able to share their learning with their peers as they progress through the school and further opportunities for animation arise. The video will be posted here soon.
Digital Leaders from KS2 have created online safety resources, including posters and videos. The Impact Team presented a drama about not meeting someone who has contacted you online, to the whole school, on Safer Internet Day in February.
Class 4 children used the Tellagami app to create short video messages about Cyberbullying, some of which are posted here, others can be found on the Online Safety page. 
E-safety video created by Year 3 Digital Leaders in October 2017. This was shown to parents who attended the Harvest Festival celebration as a reminder that any photos/videos taken at school celebrations must not be shared over the internet or on any social media account.
Class 4 Digital Leaders' Tellagami Videos about Cyberbullying
Our youngest Digital Leaders from Class 2 created this amazing stop-frame brickfilm of Jack and the Beanstalk. They worked on it during their Wednesday lunchbreaks for almost a term.